drop me an email if you have more questions

How would you describe your style?

Honest, natural and always with what you want in mind. Colours and Themes will change from wedding to wedding, but you'll always get beautiful, heartfelt images

will we meet before our wedding?

If you're local to Kent or London, then i will be more than happy to meet face-to-face, buy you a drink and talk over all the details. If not, skype is a great way to do this too!

how far do you travel? 

It's Literally Trains, Planes and Automobiles stuff - Wherever YOU WANT ME TO SHOOT YOUR WEDDING, I AM THERE! Obviously, there may be additional costs for overseas trips

do you have back-up equipment?

Yes! you can never be too over-prepared to shoot a wedding, and i will always have at least a back-up camera and multiple lenses with me on the day

what happens if Jack is Ill?

touch wood, I am rarely ill - maybe a big b*****D will take me down once a year! if a scenario arises where i am seriously bed-bound, i have a long list of peers i can call on to help!

How do we get our photos/video?

I'll provide you with a secure online gallery - complete with password - where you can download and share your photos with family & friends. It's so, so simple

How long will it take to get our photos?

i look to deliver within 2-3 weeks, and will always aim to do this. during peak season, this may not always possible, and 4-6 weeks could be more realistic. i'll always keep you updated 

what if it rains?

There are two guarantees if it rains - i'll get seriously wet and you'll still get fantastic photos/footage. Sometimes a bit of the wet stuff can really make for some beautiful shots!

are you insured?

Believe it or not, I am insured for millions! It protects both me and my equipment, and covers for other unforeseen circumstances that can happen on your big day

Do we need a second shooter?

If you want to make your future husband/wife as much as a star as you, then i would urge you to book one. not only will bride and groom prep be covered, but you will get far more coverage of your day. as another photographer/videographer means another set of eyes and hundreds of more photos and hours of more video

Frequently asked questions